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Here at Shear Pawfection Pet Grooming I only have the best in professional grooming equipment and supplies, let's take a peek inside my shop just inside the main door!

Step inside the Groom Room you will see a professional power lift grooming table, this allows the bigger boys and girls and all my senior pets to walk on so they don't have to be lifted possible causing injury to your pet or myself!

Moving on into the Bathing Salon you will see a professional power stainless tub providing easy no lifting access for your pets,saving on possible injury's especially for the lager senior pets and myself. Stainless is very sanitary and easy to clean!

I don't just stop at professional equipment when it comes your fur babies, I use top of line clippers, blades, shears and blow dyers! 

To make sure you fur baby is comfortable as possible I have a climate controlled environment so no matter what the conditions are outside its cozy & comfy inside!

I am always upgrading and making changes so your pets get the very best!

Give me a call to come by and see what's new like my latest little addition to the shop!